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Woid Woifes World

Wolfgang "Woife" Schreil

The Woid Woife is a real Waidler and an original from ground maize. He is known by numerous reportings on radio and television after the borders of the Bavarian Forest.

One says he can talk with animals and you understand. . . one is sure: He is from childhood a friend of the forest inhabitants and the plant world. A person, as one finds him very rare.

The Woid Woife invites you to interesting wanderings and there is always something stretching to discover!

What exactly?. . . .

Nobody knows this at the beginning of the tour! The special charm of these wanderings is just to get involved on the secrets of the wood. The Woid Woife tells occasionally entertaining anecdotes from his life in the harmony with the nature and his special connection to the forest inhabitants.


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Walking with the Woife