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The brewhouse

When the malt has been delivered, various types of malt are blended depending on the recipe. Crushed by the malt mill and processed in the brewhouse. As you can see in the photo, we own a two-machine brewing plant. In the foreground you can see the mash and wort tun, behind it the lauter tun.

The fermenting room

In the fermenting room, the wort is turned into green beer in about 7 days. At temperatures of 7-10°C, the yeast process turns the malt sugar in the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Key flavours and aromas are created. After fermentation, the green beer is piped into the storage cellar.

The storage cellar

This is where the full maturing, refinement and rounding off of the beer’s flavour takes place in about four weeks. During this time, the beer is aerated with natural carbon dioxide resulting from secondary fermentation. The yeast and other substances that make the beer cloudy settle at the bottom of the tank. The beer is ready to drink. In large breweries it is then filtered. We skip this step in order to retain the full diversity of flavour of a naturally cloudy beer.


During filling, the fresh beer is either filled into barrels or swing top bottles. The empty containers that arrive are automatically washed and sterilised, then filled and finally labelled differently according to the type of beer.

Brewery tours

Look around our traditional brewhouse. Try our own-brewed beers, snacks and specialities such as beer liqueur, own-produced schnapps and lots more.