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Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle and deep manual working of the body. With a light touch, tension and stiffness in the tissues can be identified and released.
With an inner sense of peace, the therapist is able to sense even the slightest tension deep within the body and to release it using deliberate touch. During treatment, the clothed patient lies on a treatment couch, normally on their back. The touch enables the therapist to passively follow the craniosacral movements of the system with their hands, to eavesdrop as it were, without the client’s tissue resisting reflexively and causing additional tension, which prevents the perception of the craniosacral rhythms.
The basic principle of this work is to stimulate the “self-healing powers” of the body, already described by Hippocrates and Paracelsus as the “inner doctor”

Adult conditions:
allergies, anxiety, arthritis, arthrosis, asthma, respiratory diseases, eye problems, (conjunctivitis, squints, vision defects), high blood pressure, intervertebral disc problems, neck pain, sciatica, wry neck, shoulder and neck syndrome, scoliosis, depression, circulatory disorders, disease of the autonomic nervous system, exhaustion, burn-out syndrome, fever, gait disorders, joint trouble, balance and movement disorders, urinary tract infections and irritable bladder, hearing problems, jaw and teeth problems, jaw joint disorders, concentration and learning issues, headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, infection of the middle ear, scar pain and -complaints, after effects of anaesthetics, sinusitis, psychosomatic illnesses, irritable bowel, rheumatism, sleep disorders, strokes, whiplash, emotional problems, stress-related complaints, tinnitus, autonomic instability, digestive disorders, poisoning, tension

The treatment lasts 60 minutes
€ 59,00